Saturday, June 13, 2015

My name

    Gavazi Public School children were involved in the project "My name around the world". The students are in the 3rd grade. They found out why they are called the name, whose name they have got, who gave them the name, who was the first person in the family with similar name. They named famous people with the same name and named their nonofficial name in Georgia. They also researched the number of students with their names at Gavazi Public School.
The students made cards where they wrote the description of their names. After finishing work on the project, they shared the information in their cards with their classmates, teachers and parents. Now we are sharing it with the world.

      I am Nini Pakatsoshvili from Gavazi in Georgia. Gavazi is located in Kakheti. Nini is similar to Nino. This name was chosen by my mum. She liked the name. The first people in the family with the name Nino were my mum's aunt and her grand-grandma. She loved them very much and called me the name to respect their memory.
   My non-official name is Niniko. Similar names are: Ninutsa, Nutsa, Nintso, Nina.
  Famous people are: Saint Nino, who spread Christianity in Georgia in the fourth century, Nino Ramishvili-founder Georgian National State Dance Company. Nino Ananiashvili-Georgian ballerina and artistic director of the State Ballet of Georgia, Nini Badurashvili-Georgian singer.
Nino Ananiashvili
I love my name very much.
Nino Ramishvili
Anne, Queen of England
     I am Ani Varadashvili. I live in Gavazi, a small village in Georgia. I go to Gavazi Public School.My mum called me this name to me.She told me that she loved the name Ani and shared her thoughts about my name the other family members.Everybody agreed. I am the first in the family with the name Any.Similar names are: Ana, Anita, Aniko, Anka.
Famous people are: Ana Frank, Ani Kekua, Anne, Queen of England. 


  I am Georgian, from Kvareli District. My name is Ani Jeiranishvili. My last name comes from the animal name "Jeirani" which means "Chamois". I am as proud and free, as Chamoises in mountains. Jeirani is also a dance name,which first was danced by Sukhishvilebi Ensemble.You may watch it.
Mum called me the name after her two grandmas' names, Aniko and Anichka. She told me that they were very kind women and she loved them very much. My dad and grandma liked the name Nazi. This is grandma's name, but they received mum's decision about my name.
Ani is widely  spread in Georgia.Similar names are: Aniko, Anamaria, Anastasia, Anuki.

Hello! My name is Gaga Pakatsoshvili. I am a boy.I live in Georgia. I go to Gavazi Public School and I love my school.
Mum called me the name Gaga. She said to me that her doctor's name was Gaga in her childhood and she liked this person and his name. That's why I am Gaga. I like Gaga Chikhladze, a singer. Another famous singer is Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga

Saint Barbare's icon
    I am Barbare. I live in Gavazi, Georgia. My name is a Georgian name. Some people call me Barbi. I was called the name after Saint Barbara.
 In Georgia, Saint barbara's Day is called Barbaroba. It is on 17 December.Mum always bakes Lobiani (bread baked with a bean stuffing). Similar names are: Babe, Babutsa, babale, Babulia.


    My name is Armazi. I was called the name after my grandpa Armizana. Mum called me this name to respect her father's memory. My older brother has the name of my grandfather on my father's side. Armazi is a rare name.When I asked mum what does my name mean, she told me that Armazi was the capital of Iberia. Today there is only the ruins of fortress Armazi  in Mtskheta.
Fortress Armazi


  I am Nino Rajebashvili. I am Georgian. I live in Gavazi.My parents called me the name because they liked it.I like my name too. It is Saint Nino's name. Famous people with this name are: Nino Katamadze-singer, Nino Chkheidze-singer, Nino Salukvadze-sports shooter. My non-ofisial names are: Nini, Niniko, Ninutsa.
Nino Salukvadze


Papuna is a boy's name in Georgia. My family name is Bolghashvili. My aunt called me the name. I am the first in the family with this name.It is a Georgian name.I think it is a beautiful name.It is also a rare name.I love my name very much.

I am Nargizi Kokochashvili. My mum and dad called me this name. Nobody in my family had the name. I am the first.I heard that Nargizi is a Greek name.
I like my name. It is the name of a beautiful flower "Nargizi". Latin name of the flower is Narcissus the same
daffodil. I have a lot of daffodils in my garden.Familiar names are: Nargo, Nargiza, Nargizo.
 I am Nini Ketselashvili. I was called the name because I was born at Ninooba.It is celebrated on 27 January and 1 June.I was born on 27 January.I was called the name by my dad and grandma.My non-official name is Ninutsi.Very many girls have got the same name in Georgia.I think my name is popular.Nostly spread names for Nini are: nino, Ninaka, Nina, Niniko. Famous people are: Nini badurashvili, Nini Shermadini, Nino Burjanadze.